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I am delighted by the moving painting that nature brings to my window while the blazing sun passes by to say goodbye. The majestic sky inspires me to reflect on perpetual changes, the certainty of a new day, and new opportunities to seek for.

A great number of positions in both the service and the production sectors are held by bilingual (Spanish-English) collaborators at national and international organisations.

To communicate with their global counterparts, professionals are involved in networking events, meetings, presentations; they send text and voice messages, and write emails — in English and Spanish.

Since 2000, Palm Learning opened a space (physical then, virtual since 2010) to help individuals and organisations acquire, develop and improve their communication and professional skills in both languages.

Personalised individual and group courses take place remotely via collaboration tools such as Zoom, Google Meets, and the like. Future bilingual professionals have a Language Coach to help them set their specific goals, provide a clear guide on how they should be attained, and accompany them throughout their learning path and language mastery.

The warmth of the live online lessons and the specialised content for each line of business lead to unique and effective learning experiences.

The result? Hundreds of professionals in legal, health, construction, trade, agriculture, art, electronic and information technology fields now communicate with their peers in both work and social settings.

Contact us today for a no-cost live online English or Spanish sample class. Write us at:

Unlock your potential as a bilingual professional!

Happy Learning!

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